Does the MSP brand is included on the LME brand list?

Currently, we are in the process of reinstatement MSP tin brands in the LME.

What is the RMAP audit status?

At the moment it is still under review with a status of “reassessment in progress”.

Do you have your own CPI?

Yes, our Chief Operations Officer is our CPI.

What is the total production per month?

In full capacity, our production can reach 350 mt per month.

What is the pricing for your products?

Unknown LME 3-month price plus net premium of US$ 25 per mt.

What type of payment terms do you accept?

100% cash in US$ via telegraphic transfer to ICDX/JFX in two working days after trade agreement.

Where do you export the products?

Currently we export to the US, China, Europe, India and South East Asia.

Are you a member of ICDX / JFX?

Yes, we are a member of both ICDX and JFX.

What product do you manufacture?

We produce pure tin bars (ingots) with 99.9% Sn content and 200-300 ppm Pb.

What is your current target market?

We currently sell the manufactured products through the Indonesian Tin Exchange to Europe, the United States and East Asia markets.

How large is the mining concession that you own and operate? Where is it located?

We have the land mining in Bangka area with 234 ha and 2 IUP in Central Bangka with an area of 1206.4 ha.

Do you own a smelting facility?

Yes, we have our own smelting and processing facility located in Sungailiat area.

What is the current ranking positioning for your company in Indonesia?

MSP is the 3rd largest tin mining company in Indonesia.

How to be a registered vendor for MSP?

You can use the e-procurement form to register.

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