The company realizes that to continue making profits, the natural ecosystem must be maintained. For this reason, Mitra Stania Prima and all its subsidiaries are fully committed to building awareness of environmental sustainability by managing the environmental impact of our operational activities.


Watershed rehabilitation is an obligation that must be carried out by holders of Forest Area Borrow-to-Use Permits (IPPKH). In 2024, PT Mitra Stania Prima plans to carry out watershed rehabilitation activities covering an area of 71 Ha located in Tuing village, Riausilip District, Bangka Regency.

The watershed rehabilitation work will later involve the Tuing village community in the form of a local village farmer group (Poktan). This aims to ensure equalization of community welfare, transfer of knowledge and technology, especially to farmer groups who will later work on the land on the DAA rehabilitation land.

As part of society, MSP is committed to helping the country’s economy at both central and regional levels, and is committed to being present in the community, both through Community Empowerment and Development (PPM) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.


To create human resources (HR) that can compete, the company strives to be present in educational assistance programs provided to the surrounding community. This is part of the company’s participation in helping to foster an emotionally, spiritually and intellectually intelligent community environment.


The company’s involvement and participation through social responsibility activities has been carried out directly for the community, one of which is the construction of a Community Health Center from PT Mitra Stania Prima’s Community Empowerment and Development Program (PPM). It is important for companies to ensure that health facilities are available in the community.


Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are very strategic and important for economic growth. Because of its very strategic and important role, MSP through the Community Empowerment and Development (PPM) program is here to provide facilities for MSME actors in Bangka in order to support economic growth in the community.


Social and Cultural is part of the Community Empowerment and Development (PPM) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) MSP programs which focus on preserving existing cultural values and local wisdom, maintaining local community customs, and preserving existing historical remains. to the surrounding community, especially in the Bangka Belitung Islands Province.
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