MSP Certification, The Secret of MSP Tin Export Achievement

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Achievement of tin exports PT Mitra Stania Prima (MSP) can not be separated from the certification of responsible minerals assurance process (RMAP). This certification is issued by the non-profit Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).

Not all tin manufacturers can obtain RMAP certification. The RBA has a number of criteria before issuing RMAP certification.

Among other things, the operating profit is purely for the company. Not to be allocated in part to groups that are involved in conflict.

Shoe manufacturer NIKE, Inc. is one of many RBA member companies required to investigate the country of origin of tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold contained in its products.

Nike, as well as companies from other sectors including electronics, automotive, aerospace, retail, and jewelry, use only sources from RMAP-compliant factories and smelters.

Not only Nike, Tesla Motors is also a member of the RBA.”Tesla will only use mining industry products from businesses certified by RMAP,” said MSP Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Aryo Djojohadikusumo, Jakarta (3/6/).

In addition to RMAP, re-registration of the MSP brand on the London Metal Exchange is also expected to make MSP exports more positive.Currently, MSP is updating the registered trademark registration since June 8, 2017.

“It is expected that this year the process will be completed because all necessary administrative requirements have been met by the company,” Aryo said.

Throughout last year, PT Mitra Stania Prima (MSP) recorded tin metal exports of 3,299 tons. The achievement is in line with the Company’s Work Plan and Budget (RKAB) 2020 provided by the Ministry of Mineral Resources (ESDM) Bangka Belitung as much as 3,300 tons of tin metal.


Redaktur: Muhammad Subarkah


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